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XML VIN Decoding Web Service

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Our XML VIN decoding web service is a simple, affordable, yet powerful, real-time solution. It can be easily integrated into your applications within minutes. All you have to do is to make a HTTP request with a VIN number from within your applications and get back a detailed VIN explosion report in XML format. Once you have retrieved the XML data, you can process it into whatever form you desire. It's programming language and platform independent. The HTTP request and XML response can be accomplished within applications developed by using any programming language and running on any platform.

Currently, our XML VIN decoding web service does not support bulk/batch VIN decoding/explosion. It can only run one VIN at a time.

XML VINfix Web Service

Our XML VINfix web service currently employs two unique algorithms designed to correct typographical errors in problem VINs. It's not intended to alter VINs. It may be a crime to alter a VIN.

Get Started

  • Apply for an account: Upon approval, the URI and an Access Code will be sent to you by e-mail. An EXT-VLP-50 package and a VINfix-VLP-100 package will be automatically deposited into your account for free trial.
  • Construct request URIs, make HTTP requests from within your software, system or website to retrieve the XML data.


Check the VIN Decoding Packages for pricing details.

Data Samples by XML VIN Decoding Service

Data Samples by XML VINfix Service

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