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Please note that does not provide any information about a vehicle's repair, maintenance, accident, title, registration or usage history. For Vehicle History Reports, CARFAX is highly recommended. VIN decoder provides the true identity of a vehicle by decoding the 17-character Vehicle Identification Number(VIN). The service is used daily by used car shoppers, used car dealers, auto auctioneers, automotive solution providers, business professionals within financial institutions, insurance companies, law enforcement groups and government agencies across North America.

Upon entry of a VIN number, VIN decoding system validates, verifies the coded information contained within the various elements of the VIN number and then explodes it into a report that includes the following information:
  • Basic Description: Year, Make, Model, Trim;
  • Technical Specifications;
  • Standard Features;
  • Optional Features. VIN decoding database contains comprehensive information on passenger cars and light trucks manufactured for North American markets 1981 through present. Limited information as specified in the Lite Reports sample is available for 1981 - 1987 vehicles.

A report can be viewed on screen and printed from its printable version. It is also available in CSV and XML file formats that can be generated/downloaded on demand. It will remain available for 30 days from the date it's purchased/generated.

A report in XML format can also be accessed via our B2B solution, XML VIN Decoding Web Service, and consumed by any software, system or website.

Designed for on-line use, VIN decoding service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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